We turned 1 today. Announcing the launch of WebEngage

Our company, Webklipper Technologies Private Limited, was founded on the 13th of October, 2010. We have turned 1 today. We have had our own share of success stories in this one year – the joys of building one of the best contemporary engineering teams in this country, the joys of building a product that is being accepted on a global scale, the joys of finding new customers everyday … That said, it is the pains that we have been through to get here which makes us stronger and speaks of our character – the pains of fund-raising, the pains of a massive pivot, the pains of being written-off multiple times … these have made us all the more committed to give you the world class internet company we envisioned an year ago. Amen!

We are extremely excited to have reached this milestone. These pictures underneath capture the mood in our office today. Some privileged few have been invited for a dinner bash tonight to celebrate the occasion w/ us.

Cheers! From left to right - Manish, Vikas, Ankit and Avlesh

Business as usual

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of  WebEngage. After being in private beta for 5 months and adding over 400 customers worldwide, WebEngage has moved out of beta a week ago and is now open for public on webengage.com. If you are an existing WebEngage user, nothing changes for you. We have added back-support for the integration code that you are using on your site. However, we’d request you to use the latest code. Please get it from your WebEngage dashboard – http://webengage.com/publisher/dashboard. We are sending a communication to all our users today regarding this and a bunch of other updates. If you are yet to try out WebEngage, this is THE time to do so. We have a FREE forever plan for startups low on cash ;). Sign-up today to try us out – http://webengage.com/pricing

Today, on our first birthday, we stand tall and challenge the big boys in customer feedback and engagement. Watch us. We are here to stay.

Stay tuned. We love you!


Getting ready for the public launch of WebEngage – disruption guaranteed

In our last post, we shared w/ you that soon we’ll be moving out of private beta. The time is now, as we close in on the finishing bits and pieces for the launch of a brand new WebEngage avatar on webengage.com (yeah, the same pricey domain that we bought 2 months ago).

Get a peek into what’s cooking in our kitchen (click to see full image) –

New UI to be launched soon on webengage.com

Tell us if you like/dislike. If everything goes as planned, we release early Monday morning (3rd Oct, IST; or maybe even sooner).

Stay tuned. We love you!

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[Announcement] WebEngage – survey is now release ready

After several days of brainstorming and countless nights of execution, we are pleased to announce our next release ready candidate – WebEngage surveys. Ladies and gentlemen, in this blog post, you are about to witness one of the most interesting technology tools of recent times. Our vision behind the tool is very simple – provide you ways to engage w/ visitors on your website. WebEngage, within less than 3 months of its release, is being piloted by over 250 websites worldwide. Surveys are the latest addition to this tool. We are through the development phase for surveys and the tool is being tested as this post goes live. Underneath is a quick description of what WebEngage surveys are and why you should start using it on your website.

What are WebEngage surveys?

Simplest way to create short and targeted surveys for visitors on your website. Short , because the surveys contains only one question. Targeted, because each of these surveys that you create can have a set of “rules” specified. The survey will only be shown to a visitor who meets all the rules for that particular visit. E.g. you can create a very specific survey for a visitor on your site who “came from Google search” and has spent “30 seconds on your sites’ pricing page” and “is visiting your site from the US”. Sounds exciting? Yes, it indeed is!

What kind of questions can I ask in these surveys?

We currently support 5 different types of questions.

Option(single select) Option(multi select) Matrix of options Input boxes Comment area
Try a demo → Try a demo → Try a demo → Try a demo → Try a demo →

Why can I ask only one question in a survey?

For multiple reasons – First, these surveys show up on your site when a visitor is browsing. Though we have addressed a lot of concerns on usability and experience, yet it is the quality of question that would determine your survey’s response rate. We want you to think hard, real hard, about that one single question you want to ask. Makes sense? Second, we love your customers as much as you do. Truth be told, none of us have loved those big-ass questionnaires at any point of time in our lives. Short is sweet. Period.

“Targeting”? What the heck is that?

It is our answer to companies that want you to monkey around with surveys! We let you ask questions to a set of visitors. These “sets” can be created based on what we call as “rules”. Some sample use cases below:

  1. Target a question at visitors coming from certain geography(ies): We let you target based on country, city, region etc of a visitor on your website. E.g this survey will only be visible to visitors from anywhere in the US or Delhi (India) or Mumbai (India)  – http://webklipper.com/?demo=survey-geo-targeting
  2. Target a question at visitors coming from search engines: You always wanted this. Right? :). So now, you can ask a very specific question to a visitor from search engines (all major ones supported). E.g. This survey will only be visible to visitors who come via Google search on our WebEngage landing page. Start your search here – http://www.google.com/search?q=targeted+survey+tool+for+websites, click on our site (webklipper.com/webengage) in the results. Woohoo, a specific survey pop’s up. You loved it, right?
  3. Target a question at visitors for a particular page(s) on your website: You wanted to create a different survey for your product page and a separate one for your pricing page. Right? Of course, right! We let you target surveys by pages on your website (read URL patterns). E.g. we have put up a very specific survey for our no-spam guarantee page. Check it out here – http://webklipper.com/no-spam-guarantee
  4. Target a question at visitors spending x amount of time on your site: You don’t really want to pop that question as soon as someone comes to your site. Right? We so agree. And hence we let you choose number of seconds for which WebEngage should wait once a visitor has landed on your website before popping the survey. E.g. wait for this survey to pop up – http://webklipper.com/?demo=survey-time-spent (please be patient, you have to wait for 10seconds).

In addition to these, there are several other rules criterion exposed in your dashboard. These can be used in isolation or in combination. Awesome, ain’t it?

What kind of information does WebEngage capture for someone taking the survey?

Anything and everything that might be useful to you – geo information, date/time, client browser/platform information, URL on which the survey was taken etc. You can also configure a survey to request email of the survey respondent for each survey. If the user provided his/her email, we collect that for you too.

How do I get to see the responses?

You get a power packed dashboard to manage your surveys. All these surveys have their corresponding “inbox”, “statistics” and “aggregate response” for the analytics hungry. Some screenshots to tell you what lies beneath –

Ah! Can’t wait. How can I try this out on my website?

We are currently in private beta. You’ll need an invitation code to sign-up for WebEngage. Please go to http://webklipper.com/webengage and use webengage-1338 as your invitation code. Generating a widget for your site and activating it is as simple as integrating a one liner HTML code on your website.

We are currently testing surveys. You’ll start seeing it in your dashboard from the 29th of June. Tell us what you like and dislike about our offering. Your feedback will help us make a better tool. Better still, please use it once on your website – if you don’t like it, beers on us! Help us spread the word.

Update: Surveys are now live and ready for use on your website. If you are new to WebEngage, please use webengage-1338 as your invitation code to sign-up on http://webklipper.com/webengage.

Stay tuned. We love you!

The nights that were …

Since last Thursday (16th June, 2011), we have spent a couple of nights at our office, working all night. As we draw closer to our next (read BIG) release, there was a consensus within the team to give things that extra push. And so we did. I am proud of the passion and commitment that all of us displayed to get there. But, as always, we had to face some challenges. Not related to building the product mind you, I am talking about operational challenges! Sounds silly? Read further …

The premises out of which we operate goes haunted at 10pm. We have done numerous night-outs in the past and over a period of time learned things the hard way. If you operate out of Shagun Arcade (Goregaon East, Mumbai) or plan to shift here, we have a _what_not_to_do_during_nightouts list ready for you –

  1. Don’t go to the washroom w/o your mobile phone because you may never find the way back to your office.
  2. Don’t plan to leave around midnight. No way, because you are at the mercy of a pricey security guard who locks the main entrance and sits outside with the keys. He is happiest person on this planet – he enjoys the soundest sleep ever recorded in the history of mankind.
  3. Don’t run out of your stocks – beers, tea, cigarettes …, whatever is needed to keep you up all night. You’ll make several failed attempts to move out of the premises to buy these before you realize the importance of maintaining a stockpile.

We got experimental with all sort of teas – green, lemon and masala, to keep us motivated (pic above). And it helped, so much so that we have finally released surveys! Woohoo! Yes, you heard that right. The much awaited feature is now live on our site and is currently being tested. We’ll make it available for you in another 2/3 days. A blog post coming soon w/ an announcement.

Stay tuned. We love you!

WebEngage featured in MIT’s technology review magazine

We got a surprise package this morning – a courier from Cybermedia, the company behind MIT’s Technology Review magazine initiative. Wondering why we received it in the first place, we opened the package to find that a May, 2011 edition of the magazine is enclosed. We anxiously scanned through its pages and were pleasantly surprised to find WebEngage featured in the “To Market” section. A mashup of the scanned images from the magazine underneath –

As quoted in the magazine:

Easy Way To Gain Feedback
Now it is easier for website owners to gain regular feedback from their visitors and readers. WebEngage, from Webklipper Technologies, is a customer engagement tool that allows website owners get feedback from visitors of their website. Users can categorize the feedback as problem, suggestion, question or likes. With the feedback the visitors can optionally attach an automated screen-grab of the web page they are referring to. The tool also enables website owners to conduct short, targeted surveys on their website. The integration of WebEngage and the website happens via a widget that can be installed on the publisher’s website. With the widget website owners get a dashboard to manage and configure all their content.

Wow! Quite a feat for the baby we have been babysitting for over 45 days now. Thanks Technology Review. We are humbled. We’ll give you more reasons to write about us in future.

For the uninitiated (on WebEngage), this blog post might be a good read – http://avlesh.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/the-supersonic-jet-called-webengage-come-onboard/

Stay tuned. We love you!

Server outage – apologies and takeaways

We are growing fast. Faster than we actually thought we would. We hit memory limits on 2 of our servers (WebEngage production server and Screen-capture service server) because of which no new processes could be created. The site remained unreachable this morning. Ankit and myself spent over an hour trying to restore things back to normal. And I am pleased to inform you that we are back.

The feedback tab and klipping functionalities would not have responded in the last hour or so. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and your site visitors. You can claim your complementary mug of beer from our office if you are a WebEngage publisher 🙂

However, we have grown better with this experience. There will be round-the-clock monitoring via our health check scripts to detect and fix such outages quickly. Moreover, there is a massive scale up provisioned on our server infrastructure sometime soon. Once that happens, such outages will become history.

Stay tuned. We love you!