WebEngage now has multi-admin support

Your WebEngage dashboard now supports adding multiple administrators for a website. You can add any number of such admins or account managers based on your plan. There is a set of pre-defined features that you can restrict the access of such administrators to. E.g. Feedback inbox management, feedback configuration management, feedback styling & email template management, survey management, survey response management etc. Some screenshots to illustrate this better –

Adding an admin and assigning features

We send an email to this user and ask him/her to cofirm the add

Manage administrators at Settings > Widget Configuration > Administration

Still thinking why do you need multiple admins? We have a couple of reasons. You can add account managers for your website to –

  1. recieve and reply to incoming feedback via multiple people.
  2. let your creative folks manage the design and styling aspects of feedback and surveys without you having to share your email/pswd with them.
  3. let your marketing team access all surveys, responses and analytics.
  4. let someone else manage your entire account when you are holidaying 🙂

On a different note, we are hiring. Please spread the word for us.
Stay tuned. We love you!


WebEngage featured in MIT’s technology review magazine

We got a surprise package this morning – a courier from Cybermedia, the company behind MIT’s Technology Review magazine initiative. Wondering why we received it in the first place, we opened the package to find that a May, 2011 edition of the magazine is enclosed. We anxiously scanned through its pages and were pleasantly surprised to find WebEngage featured in the “To Market” section. A mashup of the scanned images from the magazine underneath –

As quoted in the magazine:

Easy Way To Gain Feedback
Now it is easier for website owners to gain regular feedback from their visitors and readers. WebEngage, from Webklipper Technologies, is a customer engagement tool that allows website owners get feedback from visitors of their website. Users can categorize the feedback as problem, suggestion, question or likes. With the feedback the visitors can optionally attach an automated screen-grab of the web page they are referring to. The tool also enables website owners to conduct short, targeted surveys on their website. The integration of WebEngage and the website happens via a widget that can be installed on the publisher’s website. With the widget website owners get a dashboard to manage and configure all their content.

Wow! Quite a feat for the baby we have been babysitting for over 45 days now. Thanks Technology Review. We are humbled. We’ll give you more reasons to write about us in future.

For the uninitiated (on WebEngage), this blog post might be a good read – http://avlesh.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/the-supersonic-jet-called-webengage-come-onboard/

Stay tuned. We love you!

Mass acceptance of WebEngage – thank you early adopters!

It might sound too good to be true, here’s a long story cut short – just within 17 days of our private beta launch, we are now being piloted by 68 websites and blogs (at the time of writing this post).

A big mighty thank you to our early adopters! We love you. Webklipper loves you. WebEngage loves you.

Have a look at our feedback tool functional on these websites – pluggd.in, paytm.com, chaupati.in, justunfollow.com, redbrickhousing.com, bookcab.in, paperplane.net, iamstarting.com, managementparadise.commytvdb.com, myhollytv.com, twi5.com, youthkiawaaz.com, flick2know.com, mostfit.in … ah the list is big enough to accommodate all our beta users here. Add to these, the love showered by a whole bunch of personal website owners and bloggers who added WebEngage to their corresponding sites/blogs.

At the time of writing, on an average, over 150 feedback and replies are being exchanged daily via our platform. E-commerce/transactional sites account for most of the feedback/queries submitted online.

Majority of the feedback submitted online are “questions” or “problems”.

People have fallen in love with our automatic screenshot taking abilities in the feedback widget (refer the image below). We have been showered with a lot of questions w.r.t how has this been done so cleanly and unobtrusively. Wish the answer were simple. However, there is some good news to share – we’ll very soon be announcing a REST based API for our developer fanboys to use this service (for FREE!) for generating screenshots by posting a HTML markup or a “gettable URL”. Tell us in advance if you wish to access this service.


The love for this tool has been intense, almost to the extent of being hilarious at times! Have a look a these snippets of “feedback” submitted on some of our partner websites –

Hello sir. your feed back system is awesome. what is price for entire php and java code of feedback system. thank you. Only contact me in two days.

Hello, sir . I am a student of enggneeering. I am very interested in PHP developing . I am new to Php . when i came to your site , i was impressed with your feedback system . Can you send me the php code of your feedback system . Thank you.

We fell off our chairs at once and got back to work the next moment.

A word on surveys: Surveys would be the gem in our offering – something that, we believe, could drive a lot of engagement on your website. We have received exceptional response from our feedback offering. We’ll continue to deliver at par with your expectations and make sure that you fall in love with our surveys esp the knobs and controls we intend to give you for taking charge of how, when and what to ask to a particular visitor on your site. Stay hooked … we’ll be back soon with an announcement.

This is THE time to be a beta invitee: We love our early adopters – all of em. A whole bunch of goodies including extended free trial periods, discounted pricing etc are in store for websites piloting us on or before the 31st of July, 2011. WebEngage will continue to be in private beta until then. Give us a shot, we won’t disappoint you. Promise! Get your beta invite now.

Stay tuned. We love you!