[Announcement] We raised our first round of capital. Wooohooo!

I am eternally glad and ecstatic to announce that we have raised our seed round of capital. This announcement is delayed by a couple of months as we got busy with our product. Getting funded is a dream come true for most startups and it is no different for us.

We raised our seed capital from a group of angel investors at the Indian Angel Network (IAN), led by Rajan Anandan – Vice President at Google India. We are glad to have the likes of Rajan, Sunil Kalra, Sadeesh Raghavan, Ashim Mehra, Nitin Singhal, Pradeep Gupta and Harish Mehta back us in chasing our dream run. We have added Rajan to the company’s board. We are super excited to have such stalwarts join forces with us and guide us towards building one of the most disruptive internet products of recent times called WebEngage.

So now that we have the money, what are we going to do with it? Well, several things including paying ourselves (salaries have been a luxury), scaling up our infra, hiring a few key folks and paying our office bills (on time). However, there are a few things that we’ll NOT use this money for –

  1. We’ll NOT hire just because we have the urge to do so or now we have the money to do so. You belong to us only if you prove you are worth it. We are pathetic when it comes to hiring – none of us can work with the wrong guy/gal. We’d rather prefer to slog and work overtime than hire and repent. Oh btw, we are hiring – in dev, design and sales. Contact us if you are interested.
  2. We’ll NOT move into a plush office. We work out of a 240 sq. ft. cave in Goregaon East, Mumbai. The office is well done and good to seat 8 of us (more on our office here and here).
  3. We’ll NOT spend money on mindless advertising and marketing. No we won’t. Trust me, we’ll not.

At the time of publishing this post, this news was already carried by Pluggdin, VCCircle, Medianama and Alootechie. We thank them whole-heartedly for covering us, we are humbled.

Hello world, we have arrived. It feels orgasmic as I am about to complete this post.
Stay tuned. We love you!


10 reasons on why WebEngage is the best customer engagement tool for your website

Well, before you start thinking that this is just another _my_tool_is_the_best blog post, lemme tell you it ain’t. Please don’t read too much into the title of this post [it is such for SEO reasons ;)].

If you are new to WebEngage, jump to a brief primer towards the end of this post. For the last 3 months we have been neck deep into building features inside WebEngage that were either a part of our roadmap or were most requested features by our customers. This post outlines some updates since we last announced the release of surveys in WebEngage. Here comes our top 10 reasons on why you should use WebEngage as a customer engagement tool for your website.

First, why should you use WebEngage’s feedback solution for your site?
Before you read further, please take a look at the feedback functionality in action on Webklipper’s contact page. The embedded contact form and feedback tab on this page are WebEngage powered. Now, the reasons …

Add custom categories and fields to your feedback form

Your site is different from the rest. And so is your feedback form. Now, WebEngage lets you design your own feedback form. Yeah, we know how much those plain vanilla name-email-and-message feedback solutions suck. It was just a matter of time before be built a full fledged form builder. And we did! Wait … we didn’t stop there either. Your fields can also be made category specific. So, when a user selects “Issues related to payment” as the category, a text fields shows up underneath it asking for a mandatory “Order Id”. Makes sense? Checkout some screenshots from the WebEngage dashboard to know how we let you do it.

Feedback categories

Custom field creation and linking to categories

List of custom fields

Your feedback window, your style

Paint your feedback window the way you want. We now let you take complete charge of your feedback window, to the extent of letting you customize its entire CSS (screenshot below).

Styling your feedback window w/ our css-editor

Customize, customize and customize – without any code changes on your site

  1. Colors in your feedback tab can now be customized. Screenshot below. Moving forward we’ll let you choose a custom text (instead of “feedback”).
  2. With a white-labeled plan, we let you customize pretty much everything – your logos instead of the “powered by WebEngage” logo, your own email templates for acknowledgement and reply emails to users etc. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Design your feeback tab

With a white-labeled plan, you can replace our logos with yours

With white-labeled plan, you can customize the acknowledgement (and reply) emails we send to users submitting feedback on your site

Use the feedback window as a tab or as an embedded iframe on your site

You can add the WebEngage feedback form to your site via a feedback tab or an iframe embed or both! The respective javascript/html codes can be obtained from your dashboard. With iframes, you can add the height and width attributes according to your site’s layout.

Embed code for feedback tab. Get it from Dashboard > Widget config > Widget integration

Embed code for feedback iframe. Get it from Dashboard > Feedback config > Embed feedback form

Take a look at both these formats in action on Webklipper’s contact page →

Tip: don’t forget to toggle the categories to see custom fields in action 🙂
Second, why should you use WebEngage’s short survey solution for your site?
Before you read further, please take a look at the survey feature in action on Webklipper’s about page (Please wait for 10 seconds for the survey to pop from bottom left). Now, the reasons …
Create any kind of question. Choose who to pop the survey to

  1. WebEngage short surveys can be of any type – choice of options, dropdown, text-boxes, comment boxes, matrix of choices etc.
  2. WebEngage gives you complete control of who should this survey pop up to. E.g. you can configure a survey to only show to visitors – “who came to your site via Google search, and have spent 30 seconds on your site’s pricing page”. Sounds cool? Some screenshots below.

A lot more about surveys can be read here.

Creating a WebEngage survey

Choose to show a survey only to audience matching a certain profile. Click to enlarge the picture.

Your survey window, your style

Yes, ability to theme survey windows in now a reality. With our survey css editor, you can customize the entire look and feel of the survey window to match your site’s. In the screenshot below, take a look at the cool survey window we designed.

Style the survey windows to match your site's design

Get survey reports in your email

WebEngage dashboard is complete w/ reports and analytics related to each survey. Have a look at some screenshots in this post on surveys, here. However, most users complained that they have to repeatedly come back to the dashboard to know what’s going on w/ surveys on their site. That was a reason good enough for us to introduce this feature. You can now choose to receive emails containing responses to your surveys – these emails can be configured to be instantaneous or a digest at a frequency you choose (screenshot below).

Receive survey reports in email > send to multiple recipients

Third, are you looking for more reasons?
Yeah we know customers are demanding. And why not? We’d love to oblige :). Read further …
Super easy one time integration. Non-blocking, optimized and secure code

  1. The integration bit is a one time, one line of Javascript code. Any customizations done inside your WebEngage dashboard (w.r.t feedback or surveys) doesn’t need any code changes on your site.
  2. Our javascript code loads asynchronously on your site and doesn’t block a user from doing whatever (s)he is there for.
  3. We are optimization freaks. The integration code on your site is super optimized for size (<9kb) and performance (on all browsers including IE6).
  4. A bulk of existing customers for WebEngage are e-commerce players. Ability to serve WebEngage in an encrypted manner was requested often. Now, we have added support for serving content securely on SSL encrypted pages of your website.
One dashboard. Multiple accounts. And we speak your language too

We are strong believers of simplicity and easy data access. If you own multiple websites or want to manage WebEngage accounts for your customers, there’s a single dashboard to do so. Very soon we’ll be rolling out multi-admin support and role based access to your dashboard We now support multiple admins per account with feature based access. Did we mention the multi-lingual support for your widget? Yes, we are now available in 6 languages – thanks to our customers from across the globe who helped us w/ those translations. We’ll be adding support for more languages in days to come.

Adding a new widget

WebEngage dashboard with multiple account support

Passionate team. World class support. Competitive pricing

WebEngage is brought to you by a committed and passionate team. We are die hard believers of “customer is God” mantra. Your pain points are ours and we’ll do whatever it takes to solve them.
We are moving out of private beta by the end of this month. A basic feedback-only version of WebEngage (sans all customization abilities) will be available for FREE forever. Premium plans will start at $15/month/website. You’ll get details regrading pricing on webengage.com when we go live on it later this week.
A note on WebEngage for newbies

WebEngage (http://webklipper.com/webengage) is a customer engagement tool for websites; sites of all sorts – e-commerce, web portals, vertical search, sme websites, blogs etc. The tool essentially has two features –

  1. Feedback and support – we let visitors submit feedback contextually on your site. Contextually, because we tell you which page of your site was the feedback submitted on. We also tell you a whole bunch of other things – user’s geography, browser, platform etc. We send instant email notifications to both parties. All your feedback and their corresponding replies can be managed from your WebEngage dashboard. Try clicking the feedback tab once again on Webklipper.com and notice this feature called “attach a screenshot of this page”. Give it a try. You loved it, right? We let you add custom fields (like mobile number, address etc) to the feedback window. Nice reporting and analytics platform to explore in-depth statistics is offered to website owners in the dashboard.
  2. Short targeted surveys – we have built a platform which lets you conduct short surveys unobtrusively from visitors of your website. For example, if a user visits your site’s pricing page and has spent, lets say 30 seconds on this page and has come here for the first time, a small (and good looking) form pops up from the bottom of the page asking this user for his/her email so that you can provide assistance w.r.t your product’s pricing. Sounds cool? WebEngage surveys can be a lead generation form or user research surveys. This blog post outlines the utility of surveys and our analytics platform, do find sometime to go through it once – https://webklipper.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/announcement-webengage-survey-is-now-release-ready/

By now, you know that WebEngage is a simple DIY, SaaS platform w/ two distinct features – Feedback and Short surveys. Our customers use either of these or both, based on their needs. The integration bit is a one-time, one-line of Javascript code that needs to be placed on your website.

What’s coming next from us?
We have 3 immediate, short term goals –

  1. We are moving out of private beta by end of this month and going live on webengage.com w/ a whole new skin and branding. Watch out.
  2. We’ll introduce multi-admin access to your WebEngage dashboard.
  3. We are introducing a first version of multi-question surveys soon.

Liked what you read/saw above? Want to give WebEngage a spin? Reach out to us and we’ll send you an invite. Help us spread the word.
Stay tuned. We love you!

[Announcement] WebEngage – survey is now release ready

After several days of brainstorming and countless nights of execution, we are pleased to announce our next release ready candidate – WebEngage surveys. Ladies and gentlemen, in this blog post, you are about to witness one of the most interesting technology tools of recent times. Our vision behind the tool is very simple – provide you ways to engage w/ visitors on your website. WebEngage, within less than 3 months of its release, is being piloted by over 250 websites worldwide. Surveys are the latest addition to this tool. We are through the development phase for surveys and the tool is being tested as this post goes live. Underneath is a quick description of what WebEngage surveys are and why you should start using it on your website.

What are WebEngage surveys?

Simplest way to create short and targeted surveys for visitors on your website. Short , because the surveys contains only one question. Targeted, because each of these surveys that you create can have a set of “rules” specified. The survey will only be shown to a visitor who meets all the rules for that particular visit. E.g. you can create a very specific survey for a visitor on your site who “came from Google search” and has spent “30 seconds on your sites’ pricing page” and “is visiting your site from the US”. Sounds exciting? Yes, it indeed is!

What kind of questions can I ask in these surveys?

We currently support 5 different types of questions.

Option(single select) Option(multi select) Matrix of options Input boxes Comment area
Try a demo → Try a demo → Try a demo → Try a demo → Try a demo →

Why can I ask only one question in a survey?

For multiple reasons – First, these surveys show up on your site when a visitor is browsing. Though we have addressed a lot of concerns on usability and experience, yet it is the quality of question that would determine your survey’s response rate. We want you to think hard, real hard, about that one single question you want to ask. Makes sense? Second, we love your customers as much as you do. Truth be told, none of us have loved those big-ass questionnaires at any point of time in our lives. Short is sweet. Period.

“Targeting”? What the heck is that?

It is our answer to companies that want you to monkey around with surveys! We let you ask questions to a set of visitors. These “sets” can be created based on what we call as “rules”. Some sample use cases below:

  1. Target a question at visitors coming from certain geography(ies): We let you target based on country, city, region etc of a visitor on your website. E.g this survey will only be visible to visitors from anywhere in the US or Delhi (India) or Mumbai (India)  – http://webklipper.com/?demo=survey-geo-targeting
  2. Target a question at visitors coming from search engines: You always wanted this. Right? :). So now, you can ask a very specific question to a visitor from search engines (all major ones supported). E.g. This survey will only be visible to visitors who come via Google search on our WebEngage landing page. Start your search here – http://www.google.com/search?q=targeted+survey+tool+for+websites, click on our site (webklipper.com/webengage) in the results. Woohoo, a specific survey pop’s up. You loved it, right?
  3. Target a question at visitors for a particular page(s) on your website: You wanted to create a different survey for your product page and a separate one for your pricing page. Right? Of course, right! We let you target surveys by pages on your website (read URL patterns). E.g. we have put up a very specific survey for our no-spam guarantee page. Check it out here – http://webklipper.com/no-spam-guarantee
  4. Target a question at visitors spending x amount of time on your site: You don’t really want to pop that question as soon as someone comes to your site. Right? We so agree. And hence we let you choose number of seconds for which WebEngage should wait once a visitor has landed on your website before popping the survey. E.g. wait for this survey to pop up – http://webklipper.com/?demo=survey-time-spent (please be patient, you have to wait for 10seconds).

In addition to these, there are several other rules criterion exposed in your dashboard. These can be used in isolation or in combination. Awesome, ain’t it?

What kind of information does WebEngage capture for someone taking the survey?

Anything and everything that might be useful to you – geo information, date/time, client browser/platform information, URL on which the survey was taken etc. You can also configure a survey to request email of the survey respondent for each survey. If the user provided his/her email, we collect that for you too.

How do I get to see the responses?

You get a power packed dashboard to manage your surveys. All these surveys have their corresponding “inbox”, “statistics” and “aggregate response” for the analytics hungry. Some screenshots to tell you what lies beneath –

Ah! Can’t wait. How can I try this out on my website?

We are currently in private beta. You’ll need an invitation code to sign-up for WebEngage. Please go to http://webklipper.com/webengage and use webengage-1338 as your invitation code. Generating a widget for your site and activating it is as simple as integrating a one liner HTML code on your website.

We are currently testing surveys. You’ll start seeing it in your dashboard from the 29th of June. Tell us what you like and dislike about our offering. Your feedback will help us make a better tool. Better still, please use it once on your website – if you don’t like it, beers on us! Help us spread the word.

Update: Surveys are now live and ready for use on your website. If you are new to WebEngage, please use webengage-1338 as your invitation code to sign-up on http://webklipper.com/webengage.

Stay tuned. We love you!

[Announcement] Amazing feedback and awesome surveys for publishers

We are excited to announce the beta launch date of a product which is very close to our hearts. We are working on a powerful survey-cum-feedback tool for websites. Get your dose of nicotine here – http://webklipper.com/publishers

This will be a widget for websites and the integration bit would be a light weight Javascript. The widget sitting on your website would serve two purposes –

  1. Let your users send you feedback via a fixed feedback button (extreme left or right) on your website.
  2. Let you, as site owner, conduct sweet contextual surveys from your sites’ visitors.

The feedback can be of any type – love, bug, suggestion or question. The ultra cool thing we are doing here is allowing users to attach a screenshot of the current page (or a part of it) – it will come in handy for bug reporting.

There’s a lot we are doing on the “contextual survey” part of this widget. Here’s an example for you – if a visitor to my site came via “Google” after searching for “weekend getaways in Mumbai” and has “spent more than 60 seconds” on my sites’ “tour plan page”, pop a simple survey asking if the user needs any assistance. The value in quotes are parameters you, as a publisher, can tweak. And there’s a long list of such variables to choose from.

And wait, as if this weren’t enough – we have a nice power packed dashboard for publishers. You can manage all your surveys and feedback from this single interface. Sounds interesting? Add yourself to the beta invitee list here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming. We love you!